Are Today's Phones Physically Tough Enough?

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By Mr Mod on Apr 28, 2016 at 9:46 PM
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    If they're not, this one fact is going to keep the aftermarket case and cover industry happy. Covers add personalized flair to your new phone, but they do little to prevent damage when a nasty fumble and tumble happens. The smartphone invariably hits a hard surface at the worst possible angle, and there's a spiderweb of cracks to deal with until you can drive down to the mall and have a replacement screen fitted.

    The above examples represent worst case scenarios, but they happen, and happen all too often. If you're an active user with small pockets, fit a branded case. These coverings incorporate tough plastics and special shock-absorbing bumpers. Held in this toughened cradle, the chance of your slender smartphone surviving a fall will rise dramatically. Still, who's to say which case is better than the next? Fit one that's specifically made for you phone. This tip ensures the phone fits snugly against the impact-absorbing bumpers. Also, these cases usually add a slight lip or raised edge, an added feature that protects the glass. But go further by assessing Amazon reviews and even head over to YouTube, a video resource that actually shows various cases being tested on different phone models.

    Finally, a select few cellphone brands offer active models, including the Samsung S6 Active. They're engineered to fit outdoor enthusiasts, coated with special finishes and assembled to deliver limited waterproofing features. Even the current crop of flagship models are taking this route. Look for tough touchscreens that use Corning Gorilla Glass or the Apple equivalent, known as Sapphire Glass. These crystal-like materials are popular on tough watch faces and are guaranteed to prevent scratches from forming on the screen of your precious phone.

    Remember aftermarket products are desirable, but they do vary in quality. Even screen protectors need to be checked for quality. A poor slice of plastic can cause distracting rainbow-like effects or peel away when placed in a moist environment. Cases also have problems. Some colored cases, for example, are tough enough but they fit poorly and cause strange side effects. A red case placed against a camera lens on your smartphone, for instance, could cause weird red reflective patterns to act like a strange pink filter on your shots.

    The very newest operating systems and smartphones deliver the goods on every level, but they're also all too good at creating new and frustrating flaws. Choose a smartphone and case wisely, and evaluate the weird foibles associated with Microsoft Windows before making the leap to version ten. Speaking of Windows 10, what a nice way to segue into our newest upgrade article on Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10.
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