Dude, What About The Remote Control?

Discussion in 'Google Chromecast' started by Mr Mod, Jun 9, 2016.

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    You're holding the remote control. Your smartphone is the remote control. If Google's seemingly harsh move to part you from your precious button box seems a little contrary, there are ways to get it back. The trick involves opening the settings panel on your TV. Open the HDMI settings panel on your TV and activate HDMI-CEC. This is an extension to the standard HDMI protocol, one that enables you to control other devices. Once configured, your TV now sends the remote signal directly to your Chromecast.

    It's a powerful feature, but one that's not always easy to find. Device manufacturers have a habit of renaming boring functions, so you might find HDMI-CEC relabelled Bravia Sync, Anynet+ or some other marketing term, all because these brands want to lay claim to a common part of the HDMI protocol.
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