How Can I Make The Most of My Data?

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    People are always asking, how can I make the most of my data? When it comes to saving data on your smartphone or tablet plan, use hotspots when possible. Barnes and Noble and Starbucks both offer fair connection speeds, but it's unlikely you'll be playing extended games of Asphalt 8 or watching HD video files without interruption. Consider advanced metering monitoring Apps to analyze daily activities and find the energy-hungry Apps running on your smartphone.

    Some of these run in the background and can be "killed" without affecting day-to-day smartphone fun. Again, on returning to music and video Apps, look into premium plans, as they often offer "Offline Listening" features. It's just a fact of life that some of us have limited data plans, but App developers do take into account of such limitations, meaning you may only have to descend into the settings panel and configure some Wi-Fi options or a cellular usage button. Disable any apps you really don't need. This will also result in a better battery life for your phone.
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