How do I clone the computer’s Media Access Control address to replace the NBG-416n’s WAN MAC address

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    Modems have a tendency to lock onto the last device that connected to them by using the MAC address of the device. When you clone the MAC address from one device to another, the modem thinks it is still connected to the original device, which allows the new device to access the Internet. Here are the steps to follow:

    • Using the computer that was functional the last time you connected it directly to the modem, plug it into one of the NBG-416n LAN ports.
    • Open a web browser and take the web address out of the address bar. Press the IP and press enter.
    • A login window will pop up. The username is admin and the password is 1234.
    • Ignore it if you are asked to change the password and then go to options and choose “Advanced Setup.”
    • A new page will load, so click “Network” and then “WAN.”
    • Look at the bottom of the WAN page and you will see a WAN MAC address section. This is where you will be able to clone the MAC address. This function should automatically locate the MAC address of the computer that you have plugged into the LAN port of the NBG-416n. Once you choose “Clone the computer’s MAC address” with the MAC address displayed out from it, you then click “Apply.”
    • The NBG-416n should now be using the MAC address of the computer that you have connected to it. If the computer was the one that worked previously when wired into the modem, the NBG-416n should work fine with the Internet. Any device that is connected to the NBG-416n at this point should be able to get online without any issues.

    When you don’t follow this process, any other device that you attempt to use on the Internet using the modem most likely will not work.

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