Featured How Do I Turn Windows 10 Updates Off? They Annoy Me!

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Mr Mod, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Windows users are asking, how do you turn off windows updates in windows 10?

    First off, we don’t recommend turning your updates off and Microsoft defiantly doesn’t recommend it. Let’s face it, there comes a point where some of these updates are just messing you up. I just recently shut my Windows 10 updates off because there seems to be an update installing that is messing with my network. So for the time being I have disabled my Windows 10 updates. In a month or two I will turn them back on in the hopes that some of these issues have been rectified. So let’s get to the all important question, how do you turn these annoying updates off?

    Here’s how to turn off windows updates in windows 10

    Type “services” in the Cortana search box in the bottom left hand side of your taskbar. {Hit Enter} Some of you might just have a little search icon there. Click on that, then type “services”. {Hit Enter}

    Scroll down to “Windows Update”, double click on it, you should be currently under the General Tab.

    Click Stop

    Beside “STARTUP TYPE” Select “Disabled”

    Click “APPLY”


    Your windows 10 updates are now disabled. Repeat these steps to enable it again.
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