How is the Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android? The Review

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By Mr Mod on Apr 23, 2016 at 8:27 PM
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    Microsoft Arrow Launcher Review


    The Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android, is one of the newest members to join the continuously growing community of launcher apps. I wasn’t doing anything so I decided to install it, and see how good of a launcher it really is. After the installation process, and upon opening, it immediately starts the customization process by asking you to pick at least 8 of your favorite applications. Once you have done that it takes you to your homepage. If you are a person that likes simple, clean, and not a lot of bells and whistles this app is for you. Don’t get me wrong this launcher still needs work, but it could a have a bright future. The first thing I noticed was the big clock that is on most Android launchers by default was gone.

    This is not a big deal for me, but for some of you it might be. Microsoft is probably trying to utilize more of the screen. The first thing I did was swipe to my left, and to my surprise there was all my most commonly used contacts. Microsoft calls this the “People” page. It shows you your most recent texts and calls, also giving you the ability to reply, or call them back. I thought this was a great idea. The next thing I discovered while sliding my finger up from the bottom, was a draw that slides up, that has additional apps that can be switched out to accommodate your needs.

    I now swipe to my third window, and this window was also a very pleasant surprise. It gives you a place to set reminders, which for me I need them. You can also connect these reminders to the Wunderlist App. For you Bing fans, it gives you the option to automatically change Bing wallpaper everyday.

    What is the Android Arrow Launcher lacking?

    This app lacks what some of you launcher users are use to such as, grouping icons, customizing colors, and a few general features. I think for Microsoft this is a pretty good launcher with a bright future if they stick with it, and listen to their users. Download Microsoft Arrow Launcher and review it out for yourself, you just might be pleasantly surprised.
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