How to Recover Your Windows 8 Pin and Picture Password

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    Mobile devices made PIN and picture logins popular, so Microsoft's adoption of the secure access standard didn't exactly come as a surprise. It's more of an attempt at workflow synergy, with fingerprint scanners and other biometric measures following close behind. A four-digit PIN is entered in the Settings > Users > Your Account section. Once set, secure admission back into the Windows 8 workspace requires only that four number code, but what happens when that code is lost? Maybe it's been replaced in your memory by that juicy cheeseburger you had last weekend, but, whatever the reason, it's gone.

    We're not judging your mishandling of four numbers, but we do have a solution for recovering your access privileges, and this solution also works for picture passwords. Start by selecting "Sign-In Options." Now, click over the key icon. This selection takes you back to the plain old textual password, so you can get back into Windows 8 and restore your PIN or picture password.

    Roadblocks rise up again if you've forgotten all of your passwords, which is when you need help on a whole new level. Check out our resetting forgotten Microsoft Account passwords for Windows 8/10 for further help.
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