Is The Samsung Note Creating a Disturbance in The Force?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Smartphones' started by Mr Mod, Jul 18, 2017.

By Mr Mod on Jul 18, 2017 at 2:15 PM
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    The Arrival Of The Samsung Note 8 Causing a Stir.

    Countless internet memes were spawned by the Samsung Note 7 battery burn-up enigma. The potentially explode-y batteries were recalled, released back to disturbed owners, then finally recalled permanently. Ever since this story made the news headlines, Samsung executives have been sweating. The release of the mostly trouble-free Samsung S8 duo has acted as a figurative company salve, a means of rising from the literal ashes that were kicked out of burning Note 7 batteries. Currently, owners of the handset can stop treating the smartphone like it's an unexploded bomb. In lieu of the urge to take cover behind a sandbag wall every time your Samsung Note 7 beeps, do take part in the exchange program. It's a case of safety first, always, so your device will be substituted for a comparable feature-rich Samsung smartphone when you enter this program. Given that there's always a new successor in development, though, what comes after this embarrassing debacle?

    The first piece of good news is that the brand is powering through the bad times. In other words, a Samsung Note 8 is under development. Slated for an August 2017 release, the comeback story tells a tale of a larger body than the Samsung S8+ handset, so it belongs in phablet territory. Additionally, there are reports of dual cameras on the Galaxy Note 8, which is entirely possible since single lens smartphones are outgrowing their camera tech. Given that single tiny cameras are hitting a performance ceiling, the dual camera setup sends technology sideways, thus injecting superior visual acuity into the camera module, so expect the new Note 8 to have sharper, crisper images and a wider angle mode, although the exact nature of the improvements will depend on the functions built into the secondary lens.

    It's going to take some marketing sleight of hand to erase the past. Undoubtedly, the Galaxy Note 7 has gone down in history and has hit the news headlines around the globe, but you're looking at infamy here, not an award-winning game changer. Far from being a pivotal moment in smartphone history, the last Samsung Note taught us how destructive a pocketable device could be when it was equipped with flawed battery technology. The next refresh of the range will address that issue, but it can never retcon what's already happened. In our humble opinion, your new phablet will make good use of dual cameras, it'll likely shift to the skinny aspect ratio used in the S8, and past fingerprint sensor headaches will be solved. Better than all of the updated features, however, the product-in-crisis honorific will fade away as Samsung engineers focus on quality and reliability, plus a battery that won't combust.
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