Featured Pin Code or Password? Why Use a Pin Code? Let’s Talk Security

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Mr Mod, Mar 12, 2016.

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    You might have been saying to yourself when you were doing the initial account setup / login process to Windows 10, what the heck is a pin code and do I need it? The answer is no, will it help you? Yes, it will, and here’s why. Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve the security on the Microsoft Accounts as well as your computer, so when they developed Windows 10 and introduced a number of improvements to security, the pin code was one of them. I’m not going to get too in-depth in detail and bore you.

    The reasoning behind logging into your computer with a pin code besides convenience, is to make it harder for hackers to access your computer. Now you are thinking, isn’t it easier to hack a pin? Technically it can be because people use their birthday, date of birth, and even the current year. Then why would Microsoft incorporate such a pin login? One of the main reasons why, is because you have to be physically present to enter it on that device. The other reasoning behind this is, because on your Microsoft Account you have an alphanumeric password, so if a hacker got into your Microsoft Account it wouldn’t give them easy access to your computer, if your computer uses that same password.

    This is why they always stress to people not to use the same password for everything. If hackers get into one account, it will probably give them access to multiple accounts. Does this pin make your computer a little harder to access through your Microsoft Account? Yes, but it is still vulnerable to attack, and access. Never leave personal banking information, credit cards etc., on your computer so if it is compromised there is not much for them to take. Mr. Mod still says THUMBS UP to the pin code. Any little bit helps. We will never stop hackers, but we can make it difficult for them. Has your computer been hacked? Login and tells us about it.
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