Smart Appliances - How Smart Are Our Home Appliances?

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    Functionality is the key to the connected kitchen. Smart appliances already intelligently monitor meat by using Bluetooth-enabled thermometers, but this is only the beginning. Imagine the keen amateur chef in your family using a downloaded App to communicate with the stove. A new pacesetting smart stove from LG, as one example, uses the companies own proprietary software solution, known colorfully as LG Smart ThinQ to link the stove to an App. The cook can go out for a missing ingredient, check the smartphone, and stay abreast on the progress of the meal. There's even an option to adjust the temperature from the App if guests are arriving early and you can't get home in time.

    The same level of connectivity goes into washers and dryers, with improved programs reducing the water required to clean clothing, which represents greater energy savings. Still, these machines sound suspiciously "dumb," in that a basic wash program isn't any smarter than a last generation washer. Well, that's true, but these appliances adapt. They turn on automatically when electricity rates are lower, or they connect to a Nest Thermostat to see if the family is at home or on vacation. They even send out an email or text notification to inform you of clogged filters, which is a handy little function if your home is located in a hard water region.

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