The Vanishing Start Menu Windows 8 Solution

Discussion in 'Windows 8/8.1 Issues, Tips & Tricks' started by Mr Mod, Feb 25, 2016.

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    The trusty Start Menu has entered the Bermuda Triangle and you're left with the so-called "Start Screen," a snazzy window that fills with squarish clickable icons and direct access to the new online Store. Marketed as an integral part of the new touch experience, the Metro App screen feels like an uncomfortable disconnect from your intuitive productivity cycle, something that just shouldn't happen in an operating system, in our humble opinion.

    If you love the Start Screen, all well and good. If not, then do something about it. There are numerous third party programs that resurrect the Windows 8 start button and its familiar menu, including Classic Shell. Also, try updating to Windows 8.1. The update brings back an attractive Start Button, fortunately, but it still links to the Metro Screen, unfortunately.
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