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Discussion in 'WD My Cloud' started by Mr Mod, Apr 14, 2015.

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    WD Cloud Connection Issues.

    You are sitting there saying to yourself "damn My Cloud won't connect now", because you may be having issues with a little box called WD My Cloud. Well, first let it do all of the updates out of the box. You can then start putting data on your drive (but you may not want to do that…read on to find out why). If you are going to be transferring a large amount of data, be prepared for a long wait if you still want to go ahead and do that. By the time you are done, you are probably going to feel like tearing that cloud down from its proverbial sky and stomping on it and saying DAMN! This Device. This is unnecessary if you have read this paragraph before doing anything with your WD, but there is a good chance you have already done these things and are experiencing a slew of problems.

    If you want to do a full restore to solve these problems, it may take you a while to backup your data and then transfer it back. However, any issues you may be having with My Cloud can be resolved through this restore. For instance, you may have an iPhone app that won’t connect or files just want to crash, a restore is going to do it.

    Usually after a restore, you will experience flawless thumbnail generation.

    Why is this?

    Well, the Linux operating system combined with the automatic firmware upgrades that occur right out of the box cause some sort of conflict that can interfere with the operation of WD My Cloud. So when you buy a new device and the updates are performed right out of the box, go ahead with the full restore before you transfer any data to the drive. This allows Linux to do what it needs to do to incorporate the new firmware.

    This is something that screams conflict and there is something about the restore that fixes that conflict.

    What it solves: you do not experience disconnects from the network at all or very rarely, iOS devices will connect, Android devices will connect, and you can run multiple connections while streaming. The transfer speeds are blazing fast rather than having to wait forever and a day or two for all of your data to transfer.

    The firmware upgrade that seems to be the big winner is the 4x upgrade after you do a complete erase and factory restore. Yes, it is a shame that WD can’t work it out so that their upgrades are clean, but sometimes these things take a little time. In the meantime, you can use your brain and mad troubleshooting skills to make great things happen.

    Remember to ALWAYS DO A Backup before you do anything
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