What are the signs that hardware is failing?

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    There are common components within computers that fail and their failures can cause a great number of problems.

    Hard drive – Files on the hard drive may become corrupted, there may be long delays when attempting to save files or access them.
    CPU – The computer may not want to boot at all. If the CPU is overheating, the computer may throw a blue screen.
    RAM – A program may write data to part of the RAM if the RAM is failing. The RAM can read the data back and get a value that is incorrect. This can cause applications to crash, file corruption, and blue screens. RAM is very easily replaced.
    Graphics card – Graphical errors may pop up when viewing some of the simplest things. If the graphics card overheats, then it may cause the graphics driver to crash, thus causing the computer to freeze.
    Fans – Fans fail and that can cause the CPU and graphics card to overheat. Fans are easily replaceable. If it makes a loud noise or stops working, turn off the computer and replace it ASAP so you don’t burn up your CPU.
    Motherboard – Some of the toughest problems to diagnose happen here. The motherboard could deliver too much power to a specific component, causing it to become damaged. Blue screens may pop up if your motherboard has an issue.
    Power supply – Power supplies fail. If the computer was fine and then suddenly won’t turn on, you can replace your power supply and most likely be okay.

    If your computer does something such as slows down, chances are it is a software problem rather than a hardware problem.
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